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 Mill Guild

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PostSubject: Mill Guild   Mill Guild Icon_minitimeSun Jun 22, 2008 7:04 pm


Mill is a raiding guild dedicated to pushing end-game progression. We continually strive to improve ourselves, (and through that), improve the guild. It's safe to say that Mill is much more than just a guild. It is much more then winning or losing, it is a spirit and an attitude. Unless you have experienced it, you will never know what it is; you will never understand it. Once you've experienced it, your gaming history will never be the same.

recruitment is no cake walk to get into and we stand firm raid with 21 people then to accept 4 people who don't live up to our standards be it personality or skill level.


1. To be a tight group of people who enjoy being around each other. Guild chat and vent remain open, fun and entertaining. We feel our cohesion is the single most important attribute to our success.

2. To constantly challenge ourselves to be skilled players in the game. We consistently attempt increasingly more challenging content and rely on our tactics rather then the ever popular brute force. Because of this, we expect a lot out of the members in our guild. Our members must be at the highest point of their game in order to accomplish the difficult encounters we go up against.

3. Sacrifice for one another. This is hard to put into words but it can be explained by saying we don't expect socialism or total disregard for self-worth. However, our members do everything in their power to put guild before self and help maintain the integrity of our name. .

The founders of Mill have put a very simple and clear vision for the guild:

Play Hard:

We strongly believe that a guild that plays often and that is dedicated to the overall guild achievement, will succeed. This does not mean raiding 24/7 in endgame, but staying together and helping members with important goals in mind. Experience is the key to success in WoW. The guild has a wealth of knowledge stemming from the officer's, member’s and guildmaster's experience in all aspects of WoW.

Raiding times.

Friday 8:00pm : 25 men raid .. by Waleed
Sunday 5:00pm : 25 men raid .. by Straeve
Monday 8:00pm : 10 men raid .. by waleed
Wensday 8:00pm : 10 men raid .. by Straeve

Distribute Wealth:

Mill uses DKP Loot System ,In general, users receive ‘DKP Points’ whenever they participate in raid or help the guild. They can then ‘spend’ these points when items drop during raids to purchase them..Also Attendance, previous loot, seniority, and other factors are used when making about loot. The purpose of this system is to help the guild progress while rewarding people for being reliable and dedicated. That said, there is always plenty to go around for everyone. People who work hard and attend raids are given preference on loot over those who do not contribute. We have fostered an environment where acts of kindness like passing side-grades to much more needy members is frequent and appreciated.

Dkp Rewards:

Raid in time: 10 dkp
1 hour spent in 25 men raid : 5 dkp
1st time kill boss in 25 men raid : 30 dkp
Food consumable : 5 dkp
Flasks,Potions consumable: 5 dkp

missing Cosumable. you get minus Dkp , Three times repeated mistake in raid. you get minus Dkp.

Recruit Carefully:

The officers and Waleed have been in guilds in the past where they have not had the best recruiting practices. Lax recruiting practices can lead to getting what could be a “few bad apples” to a “whole bushel of bad apples.” We want an environment that is harmonious and works well together. We do not want to recruit members who are negative, have poor attitudes and cannot work with others well. This being said, we feel it's important that during the course of a recruit's timeline in the guild that they are active and show their commitment to being a solid member before achieving member status. While we do recruit many players as it is, we will not hesitate to “trim the tree” when the time comes. We will not discriminate based upon race, creed, religion, or age. If you are a mature person who can play WoW, research their own quests/class issues, speak English, play frequently, and are at the top of their game, you will be given every opportunity.


1- Guild Master
2- Raid Leader
3- Officer
4- Raid Member : Based on the Level of commitment to the Guild and Raid. decisions by Officers
5- Member : After testing you in Trial period you get it , if you desrve it!
6- Trial :After applying on our forums here, you get into our Testing Period ( 1 week)
7- Honorury : Friends of our members who want to join us , without any commitment to raid , Casuel Grade!

No Drama:

Too many guilds have been destroyed by drama. We have instituted a no drama policy. This means that if you are excessively whining, begging, fighting with others, flaming on the boards or doing anything that could damage the reputation of the guild, you will be warned, and if the action was serious enough, you will be removed from the guild. This is not a stuffy-ass guild either, trust me we have a great time, but there are limits to what is considered acceptable. Use common sense in the guild-channel and in ventrilo. Watch what you say if you’re new, not everyone knows your personality and things can easily be taken in a negative light.

Guild Master Word
everytime we make kara or gruul , or any raid ,i remember 1st time,
few good memorys few nice jokes, lets get more.lets have fun!

Leadership info:

Guild Master : Waleed
Officers: Straeve,Featherias,Rottapchen,Mosho,Hardhammer,Squiggly,Decuibic,Inukai
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Mill Guild
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